All the patent attorneys of the partnership are admitted as German Patent Attorneys before the German Patent and Trademark Office and Federal Patent Court in Munich, the Federal Office for Plant Varieties in Hannover, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva. We also have authorisation to represent in patent nullity proceedings before the Federal Court of Justice and participate in civil actions in the industrial property protection rights field before Regional Courts, Supreme Courts of the Federal State and the Federal Court of Justice. Moreover, all the patent attorneys in the office are authorised to represent as European Patent Attorneys at the European Patent Office in Munich and its Boards of Appeal.

As a result of our scientific education and training we are able to offer you extensive advice in virtually all technical fields, particularly physics, chemistry, pharmaceutics, electrical, mechanical, chemical and civil engineering, as well as software.

As desired, correspondence can be in German, English or French.


(patents, utility models)

One vital aspect of our professional activity is to file patent applications and take all measures necessary to ensure patent grant with the authorities at home and abroad. Do not consider that your ideas are too trivial to justify applying for a patent. Generally it is in fact the minor artifice compared with the prior art which makes a patent economically valuable.

We will naturally defend your patents against attacks from third parties and will represent you both in cases where you must enforce your protective rights against third parties and when another party is causing you problems with a protective right which should not have been granted. When patent infringement proceedings are threatening, well-grounded expert opinions contribute to an evaluation of the risks involved and we naturally look after your interests prior to a legal dispute in order to contribute to conflicts solutions.

Much the same applies in connection with utility models, which can be used not only to protect simple commodities, but also complex technical equipment and products.

We will also advise and represent you in all questions concerning employee’s inventions and in licensing negotiations, as well as license and know-how agreements, particularly taking account of antitrust law which is being increasingly governed by European law and jurisdiction.

We would also be pleased to assist you in carrying out searches, producing documentation or preparing technical or legal translations in German, English and French, e.g. in conjunction with transforming international patent applications and European patents for the national or regional phase.


We protect your trademarks

With increasingly globalized markets it is becoming ever more important to provide products and company names with distinguishing brandings and to protect them with trademarks. In addition to our activity in applying for and bringing about the registration of national, international and European trademarks, we will advise and represent you in defending your trademarks against attacks from third parties and in enforcement of these marks when they are infringed by similar marks. This applies not only in proceedings before the competent authorities and courts, but also in out-of-court negotiations for bringing about an amicable settlement.

To avoid unnecessary costs and disputes, if you so wish we will carry out searches for similar, earlier-dated trademarks at home and abroad in anticipation of the filing of a planned trademark application.

We will also be pleased to assist you if competition law aspects are linked with the industrial property right protection. Has anyone “snaffled” your company name under different top level domains and does not shrink from offering to sell you the domains at a high price? We are also at your disposal regarding questions of domain law.


We protect the uniqueness of your products

Are you of the opinion that it is only worthwhile protecting designs in conjunction with designer furniture or sunglasses? In actual fact a registered design, either national, international or European, is recommended in connection with commodities and technical products so as to protect against copying by third parties of details, which can e.g. serve as a recognition feature compared with competitors.

We will represent and advise you both in filing design applications and also in infringement matters, as well as in copyright aspects.

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